Hello World

Molly can run – Molly has run but after a disastrous Virgin London Marathon in 2014 I sort of gave up. Trainers came out at intervals but they never got past a couple of miles and never without the feeling that I should never have left the sofa.

So I decided I should enter a BIG race but not another marathon – my big toenail had only just grown back!  The next big one was Great North Run so I entered the first ballot by the Daily Mail and with many other people found I was unsuccessful.

But one memorable day in February I was sitting in a hospital ward waiting to go under a general anaesthetic I got an email on my phone to say I had got in – great timing! Also meant no training for a while. Still 7 months is enough for 13.1 miles isn’t it?

So I decided since I got my own place that I would raise money for Bowel Cancer UK – its 5 years this year since Dad died of the disease and in May I celebrated my 50th birthday – so thought I would try to raise some money to mark the years and the wonderful man he was.

What I didn’t expect was another operation at the end of May so running delayed until NOW. But I have hired a running coach Jill Eccleston http://www.runbikefun.co.uk/activities/running-coaching/ for some 1:1 coaching and a plan. I want to be as fit as I can to get me round and have fun while I am doing it.

This blog is to post my progress and also my charity fundraising for http://www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/

Happy reading – Molly

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