Does trail running get any easier?

Yesterday I was sent my first 6 week plan from Jill – apprehension stuck in my stomach as it now seems very real that I have to get out there and train – and train properly!

Views across to Settle
Views across to Settle

Today was 40 minutes broken down into 15-10-15 run/walk but as I didn’t think I would be able to run straight on trails for that length of time I asked whether I could adapt it slightly until my fitness is more improved. So I set up my Garmin for a 30/30 seconds run/walk and as I had already decided my route it was just about getting out there!

Maybe it would be easier if I had the correct footwear but for now my road Saucony Omni 13 will have to do (unless there is a kind sole -get it – out there who fancies buying me a pair) I didn’t feel as nimble and agile – but then again when do I?  The solid sole of the Omni 13 helps on the hard tarmac and I was limiting myself to that.

I set off after a very light breakfast off mixed berries and yoghurt – slapped on some P20 sunscreen as it was getting out beautiful – something I am not used to. All my previous training has been done in the dead of winter so layers have always been the norm!

Now That’s What I Call Music 90 was my music of choice on my mobile – but no headphones, put it on speaker and phone in my Karimor run bag. Watery Lane is the normal choice for dog walkers and leads higher up to more opportunities to do training (especially hill reps)

Watery Lane
Watery Lane

The path has everything, grass, stones a stream and weaves in and out and up and down. I was glad of the shade at times because it was getting really warm but the Garmin kept going on Auto-Pause when it lost connection.

Kept running or walking when it left or took a photo!

Did some downhill work when I got to the farm at the top of the hill which brought me back to the main road.

This is where I deviated from where I thought I was going to go and while I crossed the road as normal I decided to go down by the river and risk the chance there were cows in the field.

Headed off towards Rumley Mill past houses on my right and near the river. The cars on the bypass thundered over and I took the pathway which would take me onto this road but back down the other side and over a style (by this time the last thing I wanted to get over)

The sun was really hot now and there was limited shade BUT the satellites were still not kind and it was not showing the correct time or distance. But I didn’t mind – it was lovely to get out even though I know I wasn’t going to break any speed records.


Some ducks didn’t take kindly to my music and even though I turned it down they flew into the river before I could whip my camera out for that all important photo opportunity. I was keeping my fingers well and truly crossed that there were no cows and although there were 3 fields I thought my luck was in when I didn’t see any – but they were hiding – some very young bullocks and cows – and even though they didn’t move I stayed close to the river just in case I needed to make a quick exit!

Got back to the main road in Giggleswick as the Garmin beeped 40 minutes but I had been out longer. Took a relaxing walk back home to stretch out and was surprised when I downloaded my watch that it said:

2.48 miles 40.01 16.08 pace 227 calories

Next one is just uphill and downhill walk – won’t have any problems finding them here in the Yorkshire Dales.

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