On reflection

Today I am tired – didn’t sleep well last night waking at 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. What did we do before the internet and FB as I was scouring that until 6.30am when it was deemed a respectable hour to wake the dogs up to take them for a walk. Even they thought it too early and had to be dragged round

Mind you the beautiful weather of the last few days has been replaced to drizzle – that fine stuff that seeps in to your bones. Came back had a coffee to wake me up and some mixed berries and low fat greek yoghurt (have to be good after the bar of Galaxy chocolate last night!)

Was at the hospital yesterday and the tests I had have left me aching but I knew that wasn’t going to stop me from doing Day 2 of my GNR programme. Today a 20 walk but hills – ideally it would be off road but didn’t fancy slipping on wet grass/stones.

So route was to see my Dad on the High Road above Settle – a few hilly bits but all tarmac. Set off from home to upper Settle at as fast a pace as I could manage, no music this time – just me the sounds of the birds and the odd car.

Came into town and the up Constitution hill which seems never ending but I powered on until I reached the top where it levelled out. Half way down the high road are three seats and under a tree near one are scattered some of my Dad’s ashes – so I went to say hi. Don’t do it often enough. I had got there in 15 minutes so paused to see what a great view even in miserable weather it is – both above and below.

I really do live in a beautiful place and while I do moan that it could be flatter at times this is what makes Settle so special. I just had 5 minutes left of my training and when this finished I stopped my Garmin and then just a gentle stroll back. Really enjoyed it although I am so tired now and have work to get through tonight. Until Friday!

20.16 mins 1.23 miles 16.25min/mile 165ft elevation 112 cals

Running Coaching

Constitution Hill
Constitution Hill
Above Settle
Towards Settle

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