No pain no gain!

My plan from yesterday had been delayed due to the fact that I had banged my coccyx before I came home from work and the drive back was awful. So when I got back and I took some painkillers and rubbed some pain gel into on it I couldn’t walk comfortably and I went to bed early so that I could lie down.

Today the pain had eased but hadn’t gone entirely and by the time I had sat for a full day at work it ached again. If anyone wants two dogs at the moment they could be free to a good home – I was up at 2am and then 5am, so sleep was so lacking when I got up at 6.30am But plan said 10-5-2 a gradual run, walk and fast run. To say that I wasn’t in the mood is an understatement but I went out.

First 3 minutes were OK but breathing wasn’t OK don’t know if that’s all the things I have been going through this week or because its road running rather than trail, whatever it was nothing felt easy. When it came to the sprint (well it will never be with me) I felt like an elephant running in treacle and could manage 44 seconds before nearly collapsing!

Well they say you always have a bad run before you have a good run and I am doing my 1:1 with Jill tomorrow so conserving my energy for then. During the week I had an email from a journalist from the Craven Herald saying that they would do a piece in the newspaper covering my training for the Great North Run. Time for us to be famous!

So here are stats – but no photos as it wasn’t a scenic run this time and I just wanted it over, didn’t even take music with me!

1.08 miles 17.04 minutes 15.44 min/mile 96 cals 29 elevation

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