One to one

Have been looking forward to this session all week. Alright going out on my own but need to know if I am going wrong with anything, technique with breathing, walking, running and going up and down hills – everything that I have just winged my way through in the past and ended up not enjoying going out.

Jill came round at 5pm and my Mum took a photo of us both (can’t download at the moment) and then we set off up towards upper Settle past Jill’s Mum’s house and then onto a road I have never been. I can’t believe I have lived here on and off since I was 18 although I did live many years abroad and 6 years in Silsden but have not walked on half the road/paths around here.

We went through a gate and onto open fields with sheep and even coming only a little way up the views were lovely. Mind you I could see the route Jill had planned and I was wondering whether my legs could stand it. I had already had to stop and stretch my calves as I had pain in both but especially my right – groaning under the pressure of doing some work for a change.

Once we arrived at the top we stopped for a while (another photo opportunity) and for me to catch my breath – the oxygen is really thinner the higher you go you know….lol What I didn’t know is that we were going up further. We scrambled over the stepping wall and into another field and continued up onwards to find another field with stepping stone and to my horror – COWS and bullocks at that!

I made Jill go into the field first, if they chased her then I wasn’t going in! But they were quite placid and left us alone so we went on. Although dry it was quite blowy but I didn’t need my jacket on as I was getting warm. We finally reached the top before our descent downwards – past some beautiful azaleas, still some in bloom. The ground there was boggy and I had to be careful not to get my foot stuck – then it was downhill and the way.

This bit I didn’t mind – much prefer it although I am no mountain goat! Jill kept saying you will be surprised at where you end up and I was – Watery Lane – the lane I take the dogs. Instead of going back that way we hopped over a style into a field and ran across it and ended up near my house. I had a brilliant hour and am looking forward to putting into practice the things I learnt today.

Things to remember and focus on POSTURE
key points =  helium balloon pulling you up tall – straight back. Keep water in bucket – hips high
Keep strides short try to land mid to fore foo should help you feel lighter
Shoulders relaxed and down
Lots of arm swing to aid momentum especially when walking

Running Coaching

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