A week is a long time….

Nearly a week since my diagnosis and I have had had the most amazing support from both family, friends and work colleagues and for this I am  truly grateful. Other than my run on Tuesday before my hospital I have been too tired  to go out and most days after work have fallen asleep.

Went for my pre -op on Friday and although I was not worried about any of this, I have had enough operations to know the procedure, it really hit me about the enormity of what I am about to go through. The nurse was lovely and said it was normal to feel as low as I was feeling that day and the tiredness was probably due to the stress of things. Going to work afterwards only took one word of “are you OK?” to have me in bits but once again everyone was amazing. I was sent home and went to bed.

The next day my mood lifted and I felt more positive even though I had been up at 5am and I decided to put a plan in place. My operation is July 8th – I was supposed to do the Race for Life 5km in Ilkley on July 12th – this of course can now not happen. So I will run the race on my own in Settle using my Garmin to log the mileage and post of FB. My race number is 800 and my t-shirt has been bought. If anyone wants to sponsor me (doesn’t matter how much) or share my page please do. But this is about raising awareness that you don’t have to have a lump to get breast cancer and women at 50 should ask for a mammogram.

Today I went out for another run/walk 2 minute of each, breathing was not great but I haven’t been out much and have been sleeping a lot. Stats are:

24.06 mins 1.53 miles 15.45 min/mil 149 cals 49 elevation


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A kiss from Lucy just when I needed it - a brave little girl
A kiss from Lucy just when I needed it – a brave little girl

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