Late Monday run –

I have been very late in posting this blog because a lot has happened this week

a) I have been working extra hours

b) I have been extra tierd

c) My fundraising for my Race for Life has gone through the roof and I am just having to make sure that I am thanking everyone that has donated to my page. Feeling very humbled – on my Just gving page to date I have already reached £410 and more money is coming in with donations at work. I am looking forward to Monday and the run.

Monday was my last run and it was a late run because although I took the boys out for a walk I had my sister and brother-in-law Stephen to visit in the afternoon and even I can’t just say “sorry I am now taking off, thanks for visiting”!

So I waited until around 5pm and then went on a normal trail run up watery lane and around, because it was still warm the trees proved a nice bit of shade. Breathing is still hard but that could be anything and I reckon and at this time its the weather.

I did enjoy it and its always a sense of achievement when I finish. The weather has been lovely although a bit hot for running (unless morning or evening)

Tomorrow (Friday) I will try and get a final run this week as on Saturday I am going to Stoke-on-Trent to see my mate Adele and be a marshal for the Potteries Marathon on Sunday. I will meet a lot of my other running friends on the Saturday night at Wetherspoons and it will give me chance for just one day forget about the week to come.

Then it will be my 5k race on Monday which is also in conjunction with an online 5km race I booked with my running club (I have already got my medal for this and goody bag)

Tomorrow is another day!

So stats for Mondays run:-

1.94 miles 31.52 min 16.24 min/m 176 cals 60ft

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