Race for Life/RFF Summer 5k virtual race

This run was always going to be a double run when I was originally doing 11692483_10152869547441333_4568664792899655818_nthe Race for Life 5k in Ilkley on July 12th as I had signed up for a virtual 5k Summer run with my online Running club Run for Fun for the same week – which was meant to mean one run two medals less effort – that I could cope with!

While I don’t get my Race for Life dog tags – which are unusual this year – I still have a cool runners multi coloured medal to celebrate this date. First before I start I must say that I have been overwhelmed by the amount of donations I have received – online is at £505 (+ £100 gift aid) and offline I have received around £80 plus gift aid so that was the biggest support needed to get out there and complete it.

I woke up early but wasn’t feeling the love at having to get up having been away in Stoke since Saturday visiting friends and yesterday I was a marshal at the Potteries marathon at mile 3 and 25 supporting other runners on their long journey. Had a fabulous time but was slightly weary, old age and travelling doesn’t sit with me nowadays so that will be it for the year!

Got ready in my kick ass Race for Life bright pink t-shirt and just so that people wouldn’t think this was a “normal” run I pinned my race number -800 – to the front. I took a selfie at the start, one that won’t be beetroot and set off at 2 minutes, run/walk.

The start....
The start….

My route was one that I had done before and I had mapped it out roughly for the 3 miles – what I did forget was that its quite hilly and for the first half mile I was struggling with my breath. I went up to upper Settle, very apt for its name and then into the town, nobody batted an eyelid at seeing a puffing middle-aged woman dressed in pink wearing a race number – where are the rest they must have thought?

I then headed for the high road – ok another big hill – the old road to Langcliffe, used now for cyclists and dog walkers. Some of my Dad’s ashes were scattered there as it gives him a great view of everywhere and somewhere for us to visit – so I said my hello’s on the way past. The road then undulates but is beautiful as you have fields on either side usually with grazing sheep in them.

The bit that I like the most was the end of the high road as it meets the main road to go DOWN back into Settle and it was lovely running most of the way and just letting my legs go. The weather while cloudy most of the time had bursts of sun which made it warm – P20 had done the trick though and not a hint of being pink – well other than the t-shirt.

When I got to the junction I crossed to the school and down to the river, thank goodness for a flat run and some shade with the trees. Loved this bit and the sound of running water is always so soothing. This part of the run always felt my most comfortable and it wasn’t long until I was past my sisters and on the homestretch.11717341_10152869301521333_3341698068582025484_o

I know that it wouldn’t be a speedy run and at first I thought if I could do it within an hour I would be happy then as I was getting nearer I was hoping for 50 minutes. I did have to go up the industrial estate to a lamppost and back when I thought I was going to be short but I did it so stats are:11214258_10152869303531333_7738571675158432881_n

3 miles 48.14 mins 16.04 min/m 185ft elevation 274 cals


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