Journey has started

While the operation hadn’t made me unduly nervous it was not knowing what was to come in the future – this would be the start of the direction of future treatment and also prognosis whether good or bad.

Arrived at Airedale Ward 20 just before 7am and given a pod of 4 on my own – seemed everything was quiet. The last couple of times that I have been in it has been full and I have always had someone to talk to. Luckily I had taken my phone so that I could hook up to Facebook otherwise I would have been really bored.

The anaesthetist came around 8am as I was scheduled in for lunchtime and went through the normal things, I mentioned my foot was swollen and my calf hurt and he was worried that I had a DVT which would prevent me having the op. I was refer to the surgeon Miss Murphy and see how she wanted to proceed. On looking at it I was taken down for an Ultrasound of my leg which was luckily OK. While I was there he had to put a wire in my chest so that they could see where to make the breast incision.

Back to the ward for the wait – not long then down to theatre. Problem was they couldn’t find a vein and after stabbing me in both hands they had to do the feet and that’s really painful. Only thing I love about ops is the feeling you get when you are going to sleep – sweet dreams.

I came back from into the recovery to find out that they were trying to find me a bed to stay in although I had been told it was a day surgery. After tea and toast (I told them I didn’t want the sandwich and yoghurt) they left me alone as there was only another 2 people in. By the time it got to 4pm I said that if they couldn’t say when there was going to be a bed I would prefer to go home – my surgeon said it was OK and they took my back to Ward 20 to wait for Mum and organised the District nurse to come today.

I slept well other than to put my alarm on for 3am to check my bag wasn’t full then went back to sleep. Having a lazy day checking in with friends and watching TV.


First thing this morning got some lovely flowers and card from my running coach and an email that touched me from one of her running group members. Also had a package from the Race for Life team who had been contacted by not one but by two of my friend Lorraine Oliver and Kim Le Grys Cotton who had requested at different times for them to send me the medal since I had done the run and fundraising but couldn’t get to an actual race.

My brother is going up to the bank to put the money I raised at work £110 and once its in I will transfer it onto my justgiving page to give the total far there is £505 on the website + £113 gift aid. I would like to thank everyone for your donations in such a short time.

Race for Life medals
Race for Life medals

Running Coaching

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