How things are going…..

Well it’s been quite a few weeks since my op and I have had quite a few ups and downs. My boss Jackie thought it might be better if I kept my blog updated so that she hasn’t got to answer the numerous questions of ‘hows Molly?’

Since my drain was removed from my arm a week after the op I have had to go to the hospital a few times for the fluid to be drained. It’s not only uncomfortable because you can’t close your arms together but after a while very painful. Unfortunately this can only be done by the breast care specialists Mon- Fri. Cancer can go away at the weekend!!

I saw my oncologist on Monday and providing the CT scan I had done on Wednesday to make sure it’s not spread then I will have my first bloods done on 14/08 with first session of chemo probably a week after.

I just want to get thing’s started now and although I know it’s going to be a tough road ahead it will better than just sitting here waiting even though I can’t do anything anyway. Will be brilliant when I can drive again.

Everyone has been so supportive and either texting, emailing, Facebooking plus the amounts of flowers and presents and for that I am externally grateful.

Also the kindness of strangers. My running coach Jill came a couple of weeks ago to say that a group of ladies from her running group and also another had raised £62 towards my race for life just giving page.

Trying to go out for at least one walk a day if I can, clears my head and stops me from going totally stir crazy. Will be glad to go back to work and get back running – normal things really but will have to wait and see.

Will keep you updated……..

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