Best news all year

I knew that that each stage of treatment would be a journey. The operation to remove the cancer was just the start and last Wednesday for me was the most worrying stage even though I tried not to let it show. This was the CT body scan to see if the cancer had spread to any other parts of the body.

The actual scan wasn’t bad and only lasted 10 minutes (after you had spent an hour drinking a jug of fluid) and being injected with dye but its the waiting for the results. Have I or haven’t I, will it affect how they treat me or will they treat me at all? All these thoughts go through your head at the time but you shove them to the back because I have been positive up to now and will remain at all times positive.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Pat at the Hodu ward at Airedale to see if we could arrange for me to go in and have a PICC line fitted. This is a thin hollow tube that will be inserted into a vein above the elbow and it will be threaded through a vein in my arm to a larger vein in my chest to allow the chemo to be administered. Luckily they give me a local anaesthetic as they know that I have speedy veins!! I asked if they knew the results of my scan and she said to speak to the Breast care nurse.

So next call was to Denise and she said the results would not be back until Thursday when they have a meeting together but she must have noticed in my voice my eagerness to get them back because not soon after she phoned back to say that she had spoken to my oncologist and they were pleased to report that the cancer has NOT spread!!! Best ever news as we can now just kill the one area and I can get back to living a full life quicker.

She did say that there was slight degeneration of my spin, could be age or maybe the accident I had skiing a few years ago. Also I had an earlier scan in 2011 which had shown 2 spots of calcification on my lungs (which I didn’t know about) but these are not cancerous and have stayed the same size so they are not worried.

So a brilliant result – Monday I have to go and have my arm checked again as still a bit of pain and swelling and PICC line to be fitted but these are small things. Looking at the bigger picture things are starting to rock and roll and I can see where I am going now……

Thank you to all my friends and family for their continued support – can’t do it without you xx

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