Treatment started – mixture of good and bad

I was a bit nervous of what to expect when I was going for treatment even though I had been with Dad 5 years earlier – time does erase your memory.

First I had a stop off at the opticians for another appointment to see if the pressure in my eyes had gone as they were worried about glaucoma (just one other thing to think about) but the test came back inconclusive because I had a headache and couldn’t focus on the dots. So this will have to be done again – probably after chemo – just hope I don’t go blind in the meantime!

We arrived a bit early but I was seen straight away and because they didn’t have to stab me with a needle because of the PICC line things were so much easier. I had my line flushed and given an anti-sickness tablet beforehand just in case.

Then I was taken into the day ward with the comfy seats and the tea trolley and lots of other patients hooked up to drips (either to chemo or to bloods) We were all there with the common goal of getting better.

I started first with TWO syringes of pink stuff – now don’t ask me what it was but was told that would be the colour of my pee (and it was!!) This was then flushed and the then the chemo in the light sensitive bag was hooked up. I was getting cold so had a blanket wrapped round me but other than that I didn’t feel bad.

I was reading magazines drinking tea and having a laugh and joke with both patients and the nurses and my Mum was with me so I felt better than expected. Even going home in the car wasn’t bad and the dreaded sickness hadn’t hit me (yet)

Came home had a bit of tea and drunk my fluid but went to bed early but around 2ish woke up and was violently sick and felt so ill. Rang the out of hours oncology department and they said to take another anti sickness tablet and to get back in touch if it got worse.

Woke up this morning still feeling a bit sick but also had the worse diarrhoea and because this is on my warning list phoned Airedale HODU to see what I should do. They are so lovely at the department and said that it was important that I drank and if I couldn’t because of sickness I would have to go in to hospital. So another tablet.

I was to phone back in an hour due to dodgy guts and if it was still the same she would get a doctors advice on taking Imodium (luckily I had some at home) So that’s what I did – an hour on nothing had changed so was given the OK to take and it worked.

I have managed some toast for lunch and a cup of tea so I see that as a positive step as its all stayed down. Sickness was the one things that I really hate plus I don’t do being sick. They say the first time is the worst because you don’t know what to expect. ONE down FIVE to go!

Can I just thank all my family and friends for all their positive comments on Facebook and calls. Can’t do it without you xx

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