They say things can only get better…..but when?

I knew things would come back to bite me in the bum. I was TOO positive, Mr C is not going to beat me, see me I am the Warrior Princess, I can conquer everything, everyone and single handed – who does it think it is?

Well I under-estimated my body and the fact that I am not super human. And the body this week has failed me what with throwing up, the runners trots (without the running bit) headaches the sickness and that’s just the starters. Some days I thought my body had been taken over by an alien – and not a nice one at that!

I had a very personal relationship with my thermometer making sure I didn’t get to the dreaded 38c (I peaked at 37.2, story of my life!)

I did manage 2 short walks during the week but the time on them were slow (if I had recorded them on my Garmin) and I looked more like a pensioner at the local retirement home, actually they could probably rock their Zimmer’s quicker than me!

The weekend saw a really bad one and I was in bed feeling as though I wasn’t going to make it (you do realise at this stage how much I hate being ill)  My PICC line was flushed and new dressing was applied this morning but just having that done and having a shower  knocked the wind out of me – need some new sails !

Despite me trying to be totally brave and trying not to cry when my Breast Care nurse Denise phoned this morning to see if I was OK – I did just that. She said that while its usual to feel pants just after chemo I had been ill a bit too long and this could due to a number of things BUT they wouldn’t have me like this for the next 5 sessions and to leave it with her.

True to her word I got a call to come in straight away to have my bloods done to rule out infection. Airedale Hospital is becoming my second home – so it was a wait in the HODU day lounge sprawled on one of the comfy electric chairs with a cuppa by my side. Doctor is lovely (Spanish) and confirmed no infection but wanted to check on me before my next chemo as they can alter dosage etc so that I am not so bad again.

First session is a learning curve (for me at least) Have to realise that I should not run before I can walk (and that’s if I can walk at all) and I have to be realistic to what I and this old body can do at this moment in time.

Things I have learned this week:-

  1.  Ice lollies are great when you are feeling sick
  2.  Crisp butties (with Walkers plain crisps and white bread) also fill a whole
  3.  Bed is the only place to be at times (thank goodness I bought a memory foam toppa)
  4.  Mum’s are the best things on this earth – don’t know what I would do without mine

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