Just call me Harry!

This is going to be one boring post – it has nothing on the last week – no throwing up, hot flushes or phone calls to the hospital thinking by body was having an out of body experience!

But I do know which week I would prefer – I could eat and drink as normal (although I have to cut back on the eating otherwise I will look like a sumo wrestler!) and managed a couple of walks with a small nap afterwards.

This morning getting ready for the district nurse to flush my line I noticed that my hair was starting to come out – I had been warned this might happened at this stage – but its weird when clumps come off in your hand. I have come to terms with it now – before I wanted a wig, now I will make do with hats and scarves. Have already got a couple tucked away but may need some more.

Thursday I am back at the hospital to see the doctors about the possibility of a variation of treatment so that I don’t feel as I bad untitled as I felt the first time. Next chemo session is a week tomorrow on the 8th so I can eat, drink and be merry (as long as its on the list). So until then my nickname has been changed……..just call me HARRY!!!

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