Hair today gone tomorrow – and turning a corner!

Last week was the best week I have had for a long time. My energy had started to come back, maybe my hair was dragging me down and the lack of it is a good thing! Lots have seen me on Facebook with my funky new bandannas but decided that you can see my bum fluff look – think it will all go this week as each time I shower more comes out. For all those with nervous dispositions please look away now –


So last week I managed I managed to stay OUT of bed except for the times I should have been in it, went out for one small walk most days and while it did tire me out a bit it was better than all other weeks. Food is the bane of my life at the moment as I am eating loads of things which are rather unhealthy and in the time I am off have put on 8lbs which is half the amount I managed to lose before being diagnosed – so next week will be back on my SW diet although at home.

Had an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday to discuss my treatment for this week as they weren’t happy that I was so sick. Spoke to a lovely Dr Bradley who was very thorough (as they all are) and said while chemo was to say the same they were upping the dosage of my anti sickness meds.

Bloods were taken on Monday and dressing were changed – normal stuff and I can’t thank the district nurses any more.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had my second lot of treatment and this time was not scary and so I drove (yes drove, only the 2nd time in 2 months) and Mum went back home, no handholding this session. Arrived early as normal but had taken a book and got a cuppa and got talking to a lovely lady who was having her first session for stomach cancer.

Didn’t have to wait too long after my normal appointment time and had a lovely Romanian nurse (can’t spell her name) who had been living here for 11 years. New sickness pills were given and the steroid drugs were given intro through my PICC line then flushed, then the pink chemo stuff goes through and then I am taken into the main room to have the bag of chemo.

The place was full and there were 3 emergencies while I was there including the lady I was speaking to with stomach cancer who had a bad reaction to her chemo and had to be hooked up to oxygen and given other things and taken off it immediately. She said that she won’t be able to further treatment and that must be worrying, I hope I see here next time.

Things didn’t hit me until around about 6.30pm and I was tired but not sick and while there was only football on the telly I took myself off to bed and dozed getting up at one point to turn it off and sleeping through until around 6.30 – no sickness and felt fine. So different from last time.

Read for a little while until Mum woke up and let the dogs out as they were going dog walking with Peaks and Paws. Had a cuppa and cornflakes and things are looking up – even managed a shower and lost a bit more hair!

I have let work know that I will be back in next Tuesday for my 2pm shift and I just have to be careful of bugs (colds and chickenpox)  so no hugging no matter how much I want to. Will also start very short runs as well as I think this will get my energy levels back.

Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me, hopefully soon this will get back to be a running blog instead. Can’t wait for all the new things that I want to do and the things I have already planned.

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