Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…..

Anyone who grew up in the 70’s will remember this nifty little toy, the eternal optimist that wouldn’t stay down and after all the steroids I have been the fullness of figure is spot on. So for this week I am taking this quirky little toy as my figurehead.

imagesKKYEEEHMI have packed quite a bit in a week – first a hospital appointment when my hands and chest went fizzy (stomach too with indigestion) a check of PICC line and box full of tablets set me up for the weekend.

Saturday I was supposed to be in Newcastle for the weekend as I had a place running the Great North Run the following day so while loads of my mates had the anticipation of the day to come all I could do was follow their exploits on Facebook. Sunday the race was being shown live but I was in bed so tired that I could only watch the start of the race – the rest was seen through dozing and heavy eyelids. Next year will be mine and as soon as I am able training will start for my deferred place.

As usual on Monday the district nurse comes to flush my line and it took me all my time to get up – not boding well for me wanting to return to work the next day! And after her visit I wondered if I could as I nearly passed out, its very rarely that I cry but sat there with a wet flannel on my neck blubbing like a baby in front of my Mum was me at my most vulnerable.

But like I said I am a weeble – and I wanted to get back to work so no use worrying about the donut belly from taking all the steroids, mouth ulcers, lack of taste, no hair, fizzy hands, hot sweats  to mention a few things – time to man up!

Was I nervous like a first day at school/college/work – last time I was there was 7th July and I thought I would have forgotten everything or my brain would have turned to mush. While it hadn’t I did hyperventilate a few times and there were tears but I survived – that day and the next and today I have had my 3rd day at work. Its got easier each day, people remind me that I have to take it easy and I welcome that especially since I am not sleeping great at night. But that will come.

Last night my running coach Jill Eccleston knocked on the door while I was in bed to tell me that they had their month trail run at Malham and the group had raised £41.50 for Cancer Research which was my Race for Life charity. I am always humbled at how many kind people I have met in my life and I hope to meet then at their next run in October (first Wednesday) for cake. http://www.runbikefun.co.uk  for more information

Small footnote for discussion:

I received a letter today from the DVLA saying that I need to send off for a new driving licence (I have a new one every 3 years because of epilepsy) they would like a new photo. Do I take one with my newly rotund Harry Hill head…..lol –

2 thoughts on “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…..

  1. Hi Molly super honest and inspiring blog. A friend and I discussed how many times we had just got on with things since you have been doing the same without moaning etc. The next Malham trail run in the 3rd Wed in Oct the 21st as i expect many will read your blog! Thanks and make sure you rest up after your 4th day at work!


    1. Hey Jill I still moan I haven’t asked for my sainthood yet…lol Sorry about getting the date wrong I thought it was the first Wednesday – 21st October to put in the diary then (hope its not chemo week) thankyou for everything xx


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