Half way there…..I can do this!

daef6982e8b04ef65c574cf13ae5ac59Chemo number three was out of the way yesterday and so far so good – had to ask for my strong anti sickness meds from last time otherwise I wouldn’t have got them but had a good nights sleep.

I reckon the two weeks back at work had set me up in good stead and although some days I felt drained from driving and doing a full shift the support of my work mates and also my bosses have been great, laughter is such a great medicine and I have had that in abundance in the 2 weeks I was back.

This year (being my 50th and all that) I had a list – don’t we all, of things I wanted to do, some are silly but all were do-able, and it started really well, Tea at Betty’s in Ilkley with my Mum and sister, going to York with my friend Michelle, Visiting my mate Adele in Stoke, going bowling, trying a new hairstyle (when I had hair), taking public transport, Voting, going a full day without spending money….well I did have a 100 things to think of so a lot are going to be carried on to 2016.

One which my boss Jackie has helped me out with straight away with help of one of my workmates is milk a cow – told you they are pretty random – this is despite the fact that I don’t particularly like them so could cure two things at once.

Once I have got my hair back and applied for my passport I am visiting my mate Lizzie in the South of France and also going back to visit Angela and the gang in Wengen where I lived in Swizerland. I also want a weekend away with all my mates in Scotland for a proper boozy celebration.

Food has always been a love of mine maybe that’s why I dread getting on the scales and why running helps keep the figures down so I thought that next year I would combine the both and throw a bit of fancy dress in and it will make it mega fun. So My first race is in April in Yorkshire the Chocathon – 9km trail race with 2 chocolate stations.

August I have a Cakeathon in Kent – this is purely for the medal which is amazing and is a 6 hour race of laps of 3.25 miles (with cake every lap) you only have to do one lap to get the medal but can do as many laps in the 6 hours. Can’t wait for this as I have lots of friends doing it plus my special friend Lorraine.

In September there is the Wineathon and for this one I will have to stay over even though its in Marsden in Yorkshire – no drink driving for me. Its a 9 mile race with wine stations every stations 2 miles. Then there is the after party – woop woop!!!

When I can enter it later in the year there is the pieathon – and I have heard this is a good one but in December. So I am going to be very busy and for all these I will be needing Jill my coach to get me in full fitness. She has been for me during my illness keeping me up-to-date on things that the Giggleswick Gazelles running club  are doing and the things that I can look forward to when I get back to running.

She is also organising a 5km run and Family fun day at Malham for October 25th to raise money for one of the 3 charities I am fundraising for (Bowel Cancer UK, Cancer Research, HODU Airedale Hospital) They are also doing their normal run on Wednesday 20th October at Malham if anyone wants to join. Get in touch with Jill at http://www.runbikefun.co.uk/

Hope to be back at work next Tuesday and back to normality – already sick of daytime telly. Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks and the lovely presents of hats and chocolates that I have received. Couldn’t have more amazing friends and don’t know how I will be able to repay the kindness – will just need to get well and find a way


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