Food glorious food

Heart-shaped fried eggWhen I was told that I would need to go through with chemo I was given a helpful little book which I would take on my journey – my own personal record. It also gives me everything I need to know about what I should and shouldn’t do and one of them regarded FOOD – something I never thought of before but now nearly 6 months down the line has – especially when you just fancy something knowing you can’t have it.

I have never been pregnant – never known what it was like when people said what it was like to have cravings – I do now – oh boy -its like when you give up chocolate for Lent and then crave it immediately – well I wanted fried eggs with runny yolks – only because I couldn’t have them, with chips and tomato ketchup.

Bearing in mind most of my treatment has been over Summer when salad and fresh fruit is something that I would have eaten in abundance – this is my list of things I can’t eat:-

  • No soft runny eggs
  • No blue vein mouldy /soft cheese
  • No shellfish
  • No cooked meat from the butchers or deli counter in the supermarket
  • Use mayo with raw eggs
  • No live yoghurts or Actimel type drinks
  • Wash lettuce twice and peel cucumbers, wash tomatoes and peppers
  • Only eat salads at home or prepared by someone you know. No pre-packed salads from supermarket.
  • Eat fruit that you can peel or wash and is not bruised
  • Avoid fresh berries and peaches
  • Can eat cooked berries and tinned
  • Do not eat cornets from the ice-cream van – have a solero or magnum
  • Eat out only at reputable places or where you have eaten before
  • Avoid barbecues and buffets

So, go supermarket shopping and knock off most of the nice stuff or healthy stuff at least – love Summer for the fresh berries and usually eat loads of strawberries and other berries –  tinned or frozen which I have now started putting in smoothies is not the same.

I have been counting down the treatments until I am able to eat to my hearts content – then go on a diet to get back to being totally healthy again! My original 5th session of chemo was planned on the 12th November had to be postponed until  yesterday 19th because I was still having side effects especially on my feet.

But going all prepared for having only one more to go was left with further disappointment when it was postponed again until Monday as they felt were still not 100% and this could result in permanent damage.

Feet home again and being pampered in cream and staying warm – fingers crossed for Monday. Treatment has to be finished by Christmas, want my shellfish, pates, soft cheeses – plus my fried eggs and then it will be Slimming World at the start of the year to get rid of the flab!






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