Looking forward to…..

untitled (4)With just 4 weeks to go I thought that Christmas would have to be put on the backburner this year – Monday was another day when I was at HODU and my chemotherapy was put on hold yet again. Feet and this time hands were showing signs of neuropathy. But this time I was just resigned to the fact that I wasn’t having treatment and I know it was for the best.

Brain fog had me thinking I had an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday and Radiotherapy specialist on Friday but when the fog lifted it seemed I had both within half an hour today (Thursday) so they could give me a plan of action for the next weeks/months.

Giving me Docetaxel wasn’t an option even at a lower dosage as my feet were still not healing and another chemo could also give me the same side effects and could make it permanent  so its back to what they know will keep me on my feet (literally) long term and that’s EC (my first 3 sessions)

Things will get started again on Wednesday and my last chemo session will be December 23rd just in time for Christmas – so all the food and booze I have not been able to eat for 6 months  will be mine! (not that I am an alcoholic or glutton you understand)

Radiotherapy is usually  3 weeks later and I have already got an appointment to have my markings done on January 4th. After my dealings with chemo this should be a doddle!

Normally I  am not a massive Christmas person but this year I want to get a tree (would it stand the test of my two hounds or should I get a fake one) and deck the halls good and proper too| Then the New Year has plenty to look forward to.



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