Lucky number Five


This time it was everything crossed when I got to the HODU ward for my session of Chemo – feet felt better, I had been a good girl taking my meds 3 x a day and rubbing cream on my feet 3 x as well and although they were still cracking I could walk without feeling as though they were on fire. Toenails still look imminent for drop off though!

As usual the department was full to its brim and the nurses were certainly running and not sauntering. It only takes one emergency to set them back and a couple can see your time knocked back hours. I am always prepared for the wait – took my own butties this time – wasn’t on the free lunchtime ones – but quite upset that some people were so intolerant despite some of the nurses had not had their lunches at 2pm.

So when I finally got told that I was having treatment I was almost vocal with my joy –  05/12 should have seen the end to chemo so now my final date is now 30/12 with Radiotherapy after that. A light can now be seen at the end of the end of the tunnel – its just taking a little bit longer.

Because I don’t finish before Christmas I still get non of my nice fun foods and booze because I am taking meds  BUT I can go back to work in-between this chemo as it’s not as extreme as session 4 and that’s what I did last week for part of the week and I hope to be back on Tuesday until the 30th then take it from there.

While I do not want to wish my time away I am looking forward to the start of the year and all the great things I want to do.

Merry Christmas to you all – and a healthy one at that !


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