New Year but still on hold…


Nothing ever runs smooth – but I should have come to have expect that now, my mate Fiona got it right when she sent me a game of snakes and ladders which she said represented the journey I have been on.

So when I got the call from the hospital on Tuesday night from Charlotte one of the nurses at HODU to say that my bloods had come back and they were not good, in fact the white cells were so low I couldn’t go ahead with chemo the next day (yesterday) it seemed just par for the course.

I was in shock more than anything else, after the initial 10 days of feeling like crap I had a brilliant Christmas with more energy than I had in a long time, I now blame everything on the fact that I cooked for 3 days on a trot (something alien to me) – just shows that there was something wrong!

I got off the phone and cried – proper cried – this was supposed to be my last session and a start to the New Year without the PICC line and district nurses coming every week and then only Radiotherapy to get over. But friends made me realise that the hospital put my health as their number 1 priority and time is not an issue when it comes to that.

Unfortunately I am eager to get back to some sort of normality and start running again, shift the weight that I have put on in the last 6 months as I have now a limited wardrobe of what will fit – and pj’s are just not acceptable in the workplace (I wish they were)

Wednesday next week (fingers crossed) will now be my LAST session and I am staying at home making sure I don’t get any bugs and hope that my white cells improve. Although Monday I have to go to the hospital to see about a wig – hair is not growing and I want a passport – don’t fancy looking at a bald headed photo for  the next 10 years and paying £75 for the privilege!

So I am here New Years Eve wishing all my friends and family a fantastic 2016. The journey for me has not yet finished but I can see an end in sight – it just keeps jumping every now and again. Once chemo is over I will start running and fundraising for my chosen charities then I will have aches and pains of a different sort.




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