Smooth as Honey…..NOT!!

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Things never really go to plan – well not with me anyhow and when I went for my last chemo session on Wednesday (06.01.16) I took it as an omen that as it would have been my Dad’s 78th birthday it would go through. He had undergone his treatment had HODU for bowel cancer and some of the nurses still remembered him with great affection – could be the fact that he was a pastry chef and even through treatment made them cakes now and again.

Since I am rubbish at baking and to celebrate two great events I took the nurses a Thorntons Double Chocolate cake with the understanding that they could only eat it IF I was given the chemo. Well they looked lovingly at the cake – snook it to a back room and took me to a side room to start my chemo session.

Problem was it never got started, doctors were worried about a lump that I had in my breast (one they had checked on Monday) and wanted me first to have an ultrasound BEFORE having chemo. So I cried and they made the appointment for the next day and chemo for Friday (today) By the way I never got the cake!

The service I have received at Airedale Hospital has been exceptional, everyone has done their best to make sure that all treatment has been planned for my well-being and although I have wanted my chemo to end as like yesterday I understand that hasn’t always been the case.

Everything was OK in a way with the ultrasound, I have a build-up of fluid which is normal after surgery but mine is growing, they don’t want to drain it yet as it could cause infection – BUT chemo could continue.

SO today, I didn’t take them any cake, didn’t do a poster saying all is finished – well that would be tempting fate wouldn’t it?

Although there was a slight delay I was taken to a side room, took the anti-sickness tablets, hooked up to a saline drip and then was sat in the main room. Then the fatal thing happened – I posted on Facebook that chemo was happening!

The nurse came to pump two syringes of red stuff (technical term) into my PICC line and as soon as she started so did the pain – the tears started flowing and I can handle pain but this was bad! My arm went hard, a senior nurse was called and then  doctor and the chemo stopped before it had began!


Seems like I might have a blood clot – so NO chemo again and this time I cried, again and not just from the pain (not for long) but disappointment is hard to take especially when its week on week.

So came home and injected my lovely steroid donut belly with a blood thinning medicine (7 days) and also have to take anti-biotics for a week as they have found an infection on the side of my foot (not connected and wouldn’t have stopped chemo)

Next week I have a busy week – will need to go for an ultrasound of my arm, and Thursday I have to see my oncologist and go to the Breast Clinic. They may yet decide to ditch the 6th session of chemo but will have to decide if this is detrimental to my future health.

And radiotherapy will now have to be postpone AGAIN. Plans will have to be altered BUT they will never be cancelled and running challenges will be done, just a little bit slower (who cares about being last, plus parties are created at the back!)

So here’s to 2016 and the future – even if it takes longer than normal.

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