At last the end is near……










Things have never run smoothly when it’s come to my chemotherapy and its has either been delayed because of effects due to the stuff (as in the fourth session) or other things and that was the case just before I was heading for my final sixth session when it was held up TWICE.

First I had to have an ultrasound to check why I had a lump in my breast (turned out to be fluid). Back to the hospital on the Friday for re-arranged chemo and good to go and a very excited me when they hooked me up to the flush – only problem came when they started pumping in with the syringe the EC drug and the pain was HORRIBLE!

So much I cried and a doctor was called and everything STOPPED and things were delayed yet again. Blood clot maybe, so I was on injections for a week and ultrasound in another week.  Luckily no clot but ultrasound did find I had a hole in my PICC line and this could have been bad if the EC drug had got into my system. Feel very lucky.

So originally the date was set for Wednesday – and changed to Thursday (used to delays by now) and because I didn’t have a PICC anymore the problem was to try and find a vein -mine have a habit of hiding – the nurse and doctor at the surgery took an hour to find just a little droplet with a lot of slapping and prodding!

On the Thursday Pat from HODU who is the master of the needles, set me up in a side room with full instructions NOT to move once she got the cannula in. Nothing was going to stop this – determined as ever!

I have never have had such higher praise for the staff at HODU at Airedale Hospital, they are always busy but that day they were extra and many had missed their lunches. Never do they moan but just get on with it and always with a smile for their patients. This year I am fundraising for two charities and one is this ward to give something back.


So chemo NUMBER 6 is over and done and now all I have to do is get over Radiotherapy but that will be a walk in the park compared to chemo.

I had a telephone interview yesterday with the Craven Herald about the different fundraising plans I have this year and running events I have got on (got to start running now) First race is April with the chocathon and have joined Slimming World so that I can buy a Wonder Woman outfit – doesn’t matter if you are last as long as you are in fancy dress! Look out for the famous Molly…. he.did say it could be in next week.

Party time starts NEXT week and I am going to my mates Adele to celebrate – buffet and fizz and friends are coming too. I couldn’t have done this without my friends and family, people have said that I am strong but I really aren’t its the people around me that have kept me going.

Now to get healthy and start running!






2 thoughts on “At last the end is near……

  1. God love you Molly. Never will I complain about anything….you have been through tough stuff and despite a few understandable tears and frustrations (perfectly acceptable!!), you have smiled throughout. Xxx


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