One month down….

Happy-February-Tumblr-3January is not always the best month, we start always on a positive note, making resolutions on the stroke of midnight of stopping smoking, giving up cakes, booze and going to the gym 5 times a week – most times we fall at the first hurdle and within a week  all bets are off and we have back to our old ways with just a hint of regret. Most of all the weather is never kind and we have the damp cold stuff that seeps into our bones making us all long for spring – summer just seems to far away!

January we also saw the loss of too many well known faces, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, DJ Ed Stewart, Frank Finlay and the most heart-breaking of all Sir Terry Wogan.

But February is a nice month – first its SHORT with a normal 28 days although this year ladies its a Leap year so get out there asking your bloke to marry you. Plus there is Valentines day so love is in the air! Plus we can forget that January every happened – all those that did dryathalon (no booze for the whole of January can now sink copious amounts of booze!)

For me its the month I start my Radiotherapy – yesterday went to St James Hospital in Leeds to have my markings done and the zapping will be done on 16th February and will go on for 3 weeks. This will be my final stage and hopefully unlike my chemo there will be no hold-ups. I have had a chest infection since my chemo but luckily this does not stop anything and thankfully seems to be going – the cough that is annoying everyone and the sexy voice (because I cannot talk properly) is getting better.

I even was optimistic by booking a local race in aid of Manorlands Hospice on March 6th and the Keighley BigK 10k, I think I will be walking most although I might be able to do a sprint finish! This will be first race since 2014 as last year saw me injured and then sick and I am really looking forward to it and seeing friends who are coming to support me.

Fundraising has started for both my charities with the help of my friend Fiona who set up an online event with our FB running group for people to run a mile, take a selfie and donate a pound. I have already been overwhelmed by peoples generosity and it doesn’t start until 27/28th February. I cannot thank her and everyone involved enough.

Looking forward to starting running the chest needs to start beating again but at the moment it might come poring out if I go faster than a walk. But you have always got to start somewhere.

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