The feeling I hate the most….


If I was a television programme this would have been my ideal one yesterday – the start of my three week sessions of radiotherapy and while treatment didn’t worry me getting to St James Hospital in Leeds made my legs turn to jelly!

My new start nav sent me toward Bradford and Shipley and I already took the wrong way once there – so what hope was there once I got to Leeds – good job I had left more than 2 hours to get there. Trying to keep out of bus lanes and stay within the speed limit and not get zap was just as stressful but once on the wrong roads and being sent up little private ones just to turn round my patience was wearing thin!

Already in tears (more of frustration) when I could see the hospital but not the car park I saw that it was pick up only – I accosted a man to blub I really need some help. He did attempt to tell me where to go but I couldn’t understand but somehow managed to find it and park.

Treatment  was relatively quick compared to getting there and it was over within 15 minutes – lay down and zap – after chemo I was never worried about radiotherapy and the side-effects and its just something that I have to get over with.

While I still got lost getting back it was slightly easier as I put a different destination in which I hoped would by-pass Shipley  and although I saw a motorway that I shouldn’t have (easily sorted) there were no tears this time.


After a few hours nap I had a meeting with the event’s co-ordinator at Herriot’s in Skipton to see about organising a Charity Ball in November to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and Airedale Hospital Oncology (HODU) Unit. To say I am excited is an understatement as it will be at the end of hopefully a productive running year and see me in better health than I was last.

So far we have said there will be a three course meal, wine  a singer, DJ, raffle or auction (maybe both) a photographer taking photos throughout the night, and most of all there will be FUN! I never wear dresses but can’t wait to buy a long dress and hope that all the running throughout the year will make me lose some weight!

Running came back to the forefront last week although it was hard but I managed 3 sessions of 1.5 miles with each run/walk – my chest was still bad and breathing when it was cold wasn’t easy but I was glad just to get out there. This week I have to improve the mileage (if not the time) by 0.5 so 2 miles each session – as of yet I have not been out but there are still 4 days left!

Never want to wish my life away but roll on the end of radiotherapy on the 7th March – I have my first race on Mothering Sunday 6th so that could be slow but as long as I finish who cares. Then life really starts!

3 thoughts on “The feeling I hate the most….

  1. I go to Leeds via Ilkley & Otley, keep following the Leeds signs & you eventually come into North Leeds, through Adel & Holt Park. When you hit the ring road turn left. The next bit is up to you & a map as I’m not too sure how to get to south Leeds from there but it has to be easier than the first way you tried!


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