Starting over…..


Can’t believe how manic the last three weeks have been since Radiotherapy started and I have been travelling to St James Hospital in Leeds every week day. Whereas chemo was time consuming because of the treatment the travel was going to be the real bugbear with radiotherapy as it could take up to 4 hours for a round trip.

The snow didn’t help on two occasions and everyday I would wake up and hope for sunshine – giving that I live in the Yorkshire Dales and Spring had definitely not sprung the sun was missing on most occasions.

By week 2 I was having constant pain in my shoulder and down my arm and on the Saturday of the second week ended up in A&E after experiencing severe chest pains and problems with breathing. Having been tested for blood clots and heart problems was sent home with pain killers which made me throw up! By Monday pain had gone for me to start radiotherapy again.

My specialist did get to the bottom of the pain – the start of a frozen shoulder and lymphedema in my arm (swelling) – exercise, exercise and massage – the joys of having  lymph nodes taken out!

Monday March 7th was my final day of treatment and I got to ring the bell in reception 3 times – I gave my phone to the receptionist to video it – told her what to press (it is so simple) thanked her and walked away. When I looked she hadn’t taped it……my day wasn’t to get any better. Got home to find out my brother had been taken to hospital in an ambulance and he is still there! No time to celebrate – I have a lifetime to do that.

One thing I have had time to reflect on this last few weeks is how brilliant my friends are and people that I have only had contact with through Facebook. One of those was Fiona who had set up an event called Molly’s Day where my running friends in Run for Fun would run a mile (or miles) post a selfie and if they wished donate £1 to one of my charities Bowel Cancer UK or Airedale Hospital Oncology Unit (HODU)

The amount raised was amazing with HODU raising £375 and Bowel Cancer UK raising £260. The generosity and the great posts gave me so much optimism about my return to running. I had already booked to do the Keighley BigK 10k a multi terrain race when I thought my treatment would be well over – well it wasn’t but I thought it would it be a test of character if I could do it. Others thought I might be slightly mad.

When Joanne and I was standing waiting for the gun to go off last Sunday morning at Victoria Park in the snow I thought I was mad too – when I got further down the course I knew was. I had decided not to run but walk, the run/walk was  a Sue Ryder race  in aid of Manorlands so totally acceptable  to walk but boy was it hard. hills, mud, more hills and steps – give me road races any day.


Finished and even got to do my aeroplane – not that I was going fast – the commentator could have been kinder saying that I was a bloke – OK so I know I have no hair but really I still have boobs! No goody bag at the end for all the effort but hope to get something in the post. This is the start – next one chocathon BUT ………

After a visit to the doctor today cannot eat chocolate as they said I have diabetes – how pants is that – just got over the cancer treatment I come down with something else. I want to revert back to 49 because all I know is that as soon as I turned 50 my body started falling apart…..Another challenge to get over!







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