Food glorious food

I was never given the cooking/baking gene from my Dad that luxury was given to my sister Erika who thinks nothing of whipping up something nice from any book/magazine and has even won things for her creations. Me I always thought my time could be better spent than sweating over a hot stove and then doing all the washing up afterwards (even if we do have a dishwasher)

In fact normally I am a lazy eater and if all fails there is always cereal to eat and toast but to be told carbs have to be limited and healthy eating is the way forward has made me look at how and what I eat and with the help of the Diabetes UK website I have even made some edible meals that everyone has enjoyed.

First on the list was vegetable pizza with naan bread as the base (soooo tasty), chicken casserole, apple and berry cake, Bolognese sauce made with quorn (Mum didn’t like this – we didn’t tell Andrew until after that it wasn’t meat but he loved it!) and one of my favourites Southern fried (NOT) chicken.

Its about organization – making sure that we have the food in – having one day when I cook/bake so that I can stock the freezer and fitting exercise daily into my day so that I feel ready to take on the world!

The one thing that has been the first constant thing this week has been taking my boys back out for their 6.30am walk before work. Don’t know who has enjoyed it more – Mum (as she has been relieved of her duties and gets a lie again) or the dogs as they get to walk a bit faster!

Looking forward to my next races – the Chocathon is the next one on April 9th and because I needed something else I have booked the Crazy Cow 10k in Preston on May 22nd in which a cow bell is the medal – since I am half Swiss I think this is pretty apt.

Today is the first day of Spring and the sun is shining. Lambs are gambling in the fields and my favourite flowers the daffodils are out in abundance. If life has to start somewhere it might as well start here and now.





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