Who wants to party?

Everyone likes to do two things –

1) Having  a good time

2) Giving something back

I want to celebrate hopefully the end of  a good year in which my health will get back to some sort of order and also that running will be part of it. The wings on the trainers says it all – I will be certainly be flying if I get through all the races I have planned this year.

The Team at Herriots in Skipton with the help of manager Chris have been amazing at organising this while I just tell them what I need – even getting their suppliers to provide us with table wine so we can party even harder!

Charity Ball We are limited to tickets – with only 100 and some are already pre-sold. Email mollyfox16@hotmail.com if you are interested. For all my running friends there is a great Park run on Saturday (obviously) if you stay over and you can either stay at Herriots


– again email me or there are lots of B&B’s in the area.

More details will be coming in the coming weeks/months and a few surprises hopefully. I have a great team of ladies from work helping me ( and continuing to push me throughout the year) Liz, Angelene, Lindsay, Sam and Jackie and I know I wouldn’t be able to take this on without them.

So let this be the start of Christmas party season and come to Yorkshire and see how we have fun (for those that don’t live there already)! And help me raise loads for Bowel Cancer UK and my local Oncology Unit at Airedale Hospital.






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