Ups and downs- highs and lows

self confidence quote Since the Chocoathon and my DNF my confidence has taken a little bit of a dent thinking I have taken on a little bit too much and maybe I should have taken a whole year out after treatment – slobbed out a bit, taken loads of holidays and not bothered about running, losing weight and fundraising. Was I putting too much pressure on myself?

Training has been sporadic and not great – well I still feel like a 90 year old that’s smoked 40 a day but after visiting the docs they say that my chest x-ray has come back clear – do I live with it and give up running?

Last week I picked up a tummy bug while it affected other people in the house for 24 hours I had it for 4 days! Tried to carry on as normal by going to work but was sent home twice – I am totally stubborn and hate being ill now with having so much time off. Running was definitely on the back burner.

Managed to pick up by the end of the week to be a marshal for Leeds Half Marathon. I love supporting other runners and they needed it on which was one of the warmest days of the year. I was based at Mile 10 and the road to nowhere – it was the one with no shade – luckily I was well prepared unlike some runners and I really felt for the guy dressed as the minion who had to take his suit off!

untitled (6)

Last week managed to get in two short runs – a two mile trail round Settle and a tragic Parkrun on Saturday where I was so far back from the next runner you would have needed a telescope. I was so disheartened at the 3rd lap with still one to go so while everyone had finished I bowed out and then before work went by the canal and did the extra mileage – actually did in total 3.66 miles.

Next Sunday I have the Crazy Cow 10k race which I get a cow bell as a medal and while totally scared about the miles because I don’t know if I will be able to breathe I just want to get it over with. Yesterday got some funky black and white running tights to go with my t-shirt that I had designed.

cow1.pngFeeling proud of my younger brother who said that he wanted to start jogging to get healthier – he has already started losing weight since being diagnosed as diabetic. So I said that I would buy him some running shoes (size 12.5) and when they came he was off and there is nothing stopping him. He loves it!

Last week was a milestone – my 51st birthday – the last year has gone very quick and while the journey is still not over  health wise I know I will get there. There was cake – actually there was TWO because I thought the first one was undercooked so had to make a replacement – but I  surprised myself and others I think!

Sorry about the long blog… time I won’t leave it 3 weeks!

If anyone wants tickets for my Charity Ball on Saturday November 19th 7.30pm please email me on Previous posts gives full details





2 thoughts on “Ups and downs- highs and lows

  1. Interesting questions here which only you can answer. Getting the balance right is never easy. I’ve concluded it’s well nigh impossible. You just have to trust gut instincts & be willing to change course if you need to.


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