Like the song goes…..

“What a difference a day makes” by Dinah Washington – very apt and I can string it out for a few more days to get my moneys worth!

Going in to this week didn’t know whether I should jack it all in as my previous blog suggested and as the advert for Plus Net made me even think of becoming a spoon whittler in the woods!

But the lure of the Cow Bell and the fact that I am part Swiss saw that I got up early enough to have my porridge on Sunday Morning and set off for Preston. Having never been there I left far too much time and ended up getting there 2 hours early but the great location in Avenham Park amongst the Japanese garden and sat on a bench by the fountain were not a hardship.

Sun was shining and this was to last until I finished at least and I was nearly last but not quite – wanted to do 60/30 run/walking  but a lady at the start decided it would be nice to use my method and Garmin to run with me but lovely as she was she went off a bit too fast – don’t do talking either. I begged her to go and soon she was a speck!

The route was lovely down by the river through woods – straight never-ending paths with lots of dog walkers and cyclists but also some undulating bits. I did get a bit disheartened alone – headphones were not aloud so despite that fact I had them with me I couldn’t bear to be disqualified.  The marshals kept me going and then 2 miles before the end  angels appeared in the disguise of Suzanne and Dennis – without them I don’t know whether I could have completed it.

Coming in to the finish with a rousing rattle of cow bells was awesome and one I won’t forget and even though my time wasn’t the quickest I can now improve. Next race is Burnley 10k on 5th June so that’s what I am aiming for.


Last Thursday saw me going for a run/walk – drag with Jackie (my boss) and Hudson her Dalmatian by the canal in Barlick. If you want a spatula man aka landlord in “Run Fatboy Run” then Jackie is your woman, told her I might never go with her again. Hudson is adorable and knew when to stay by me side and give me a nuzzle.

More news on the Charity Ball – while this week I got a lot of NO letters for raffle prizes I did get two lovely offers of prizes, one from Betty’s of York (hoping for a nice little hamper) and Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton who have given a Cabaret evening for two plus 3 course meal – these are brilliant as they have different tribute acts.

Sunday ended well and today provided I can keep ice ice babying my foot as its slightly sore I will be back putting in the mileage.

Tickets for ball Saturday 19th 7.30pm email £35pp



2 thoughts on “Like the song goes…..

  1. You are awesome – a beacon for all of us that want to throw in the towel. Keep doing what you are doing – you will achieve what you set out to and I know you are stronger than you think.

    Tomorrow is another day …


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