Best laid plans of mice and men..


My head is full of them and while I try to stick to them where running plans are concerned I do tend to deviate a bit – things get in the way – usually the weather and that important 3 miler is put off for a night in front of the telly in my pjs!

This week I saw myself getting soaked to the skin with my boss Jackie and pooch Hudson on our 3 miler – one day a week when I can’t put off a run as I am letting someone else down and not me. Today I have to do a long run – but am sat here at the computer once again putting it off until later – too hot, too cold, too tired (that’s always a good one) or have only just eaten and have to wait until my food had digested – too much procrastination – why can’t I simply just get out there and run?

Although I will have a race every month up to my marathon in York in October I decided that I needed a proper plan Рsomething  that guides me to the mileage I will need to do so that I can get round 26.2 miles. Having used the plan before and finding it great that you can tailor it for the type of runner you (me slower than slow) and also the amount of times you want to run a week I now have a proper PLAN Рstarting next TUESDAY.

Other things that are coming together are that raffle prizes are coming in – this week we have had a champagne cream tea for 2 at the Coniston Hall Hotel

2 x tickets family Four for Thornton Hall Country Park

and also the Actress Sair Khan who plays Aiyla Nazir In Coronation Street has sent a top that she wore in the programme to Auction off with photo, autograph and guarantee that bit has been worn by her


Bank Holiday weekend and while the car stays in front of the garage never to be moved – my body will be and that run will be done by the end of the day – am I am mouse or woMAN?






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