Racing, weather and the gym…

It’s been getting warmer just recently in fact it’s been getting darned hot – schorchio in fact and for me running is always preferable in typical Yorkshire weather – drizzle and a certain degree of chill – since starting with hot flushes I don’t need anything else to get me any hotter under the collar.

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So I decided that for the days I really couldn’t run outside (or to be honest be bothered) and for the extra cardio work I needed a visit to a gym was needed. Since we had one had the back of our house I phoned Lee the boss and he showed me round the place which had been given a refit since I was last a member. On the plus side it was also a 24 hour gym so with a pass I could come and go as I please – and the first time I did at 5.30am when insomnia got the better of me! I wasn’t alone though and someone was leaving as I was entering – great to have a workout done before work although eyes were drooping come 6pm!

Everything last week was geared towards my race on Sunday – Burnley 10k – last time I did this was 2013 and I ran it with another lady and did it in a time of 1.36. I knew I was going to pushing it this time as my last 10k was slower and Sunday had forecast 26c – not great weather!

Day arrived and I couldn’t find the place never mind run it, sat nav kept taking me up and down roads and even asking a marshal wasn’t much help as he knew nothing! Finally got parked in the “official” car park nearly a mile from the start – not too bad at the start but coming back… likey!

To say the race wasn’t one of my bests is an understatement BUT the runners and marshals  (also the people of Burnley) were amazing, shouting my name and that’s the only thing that spurred me on the hot and weary 6 miles – a lovely responser gave me a cap to stop me over-heating!

Finally finished – not last but 17th from that (result) and I got my great T-shirt, goody bag and medal – Run for All races are great! Woke up next day not being able to walk very well so running on hold until the end of the week and new Hoka running shoes bought with extra cushioning to see if this helps feet.

Have had some great prizes this week for the raffle/auction with James Martin the Yorkshire Chef sending a signed photo, rolling pin and a voucher for Sunday lunch for 2 at his Manchester restaurant. Today we got two signed CDS from the singer John Newman a local lad to Settle. Loving that famous people are being so kind. Details to come later when all prizes have come in.

If anyone wants tickets for the CanMollyRun ball 19th November 2016 please email me on £35 a ticket – 3 course meal with wine, entertainment and disco at










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