The Gorilla within…

Funny Gorilla1Chemo didn’t have some great side effects in fact it had some rubbish ones and some I am still struggling with even now but the one good one was the need not to use a razor or hair removing cream for the whole time.

OK so in return I did lose the hair on my head but my whole body was like a smooth bowling ball (and at times I looked like one)

I always said that I would come back as a gorilla – hairier and nastier than ever and everyone laughed but the reality is that now my hair is growing (on my head) thick, grey and curly I am sprouting it everywhere else – who knows when its going to stop!

So STOP if you see the sexy beast in the pink outfit above because you never know it might just be me!

Running has been put on hold – actually any exercise – has been put on hold since the Burnley 10k nearly 3 weeks ago as I have been struggling to walk on my left foot. Thinking it would be OK after a weeks rest I did just that and rolled, rolled, rolled on bottles of ice to cool it down. NADA!

Bought a new pair of trainers with cushioning to see if this would help but these have stayed in the box. Nervous as my next 10k in Leeds is on the 10th July and I have done no training and I should be putting in the miles for the Great North Run. Trying not to stress too much and take it as it comes – foot won’t heal any quicker anyway!

Can’t believe how quick this year has flown and that we will be July next week but it always makes me realise that I have so little time before the Charity Ball will be on me. As the big worrier that I am I look at what I still have to achieve how little time I have. Tickets are going slower than I expected after a great initial spurt so hoping that they will sell. Like I said I am a big worry wort…..

anxiety-girlIf anyone wants tickets November 19th 7.30pm contact me at

As a footnote – today was referendum day. Whatever happens tomorrow will be a totally new day.




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