Mad week of……

Hospitals – Holidays – Heat…….and  a chicken!

chicen.png More about the chicken later!! The start of the week started with the hospital and I had the first of 3 that week, I am so glad for everything the NHS has given us as a family and the care our local authority Airedale NHS Trust have provided as I know that not everyone is given the same treatment.

Monday saw me at Skipton Hospital and this time my doctor and I discussed my treatment for my shoulder and that I really don’t want an op until it is truly necessary so my next appointment in August I will have another injection to lessen the pain and to make it more mobile – plus exercises involving a bottle of water.

Tuesday saw me woken up very early to take my brother for a scan to Airedale Hospital which took him all of 15 minutes – the fact that it takes us nearly 45 minutes to get there is neither here nor there.

I then got a phone call to say that I was needed to go for a CT scan on Thursday so I took the day off as holiday only to be called to say that the machine had broken and they were waiting for a part. Instead of waiting weeks like some authorities  might make you I was given a slot Saturday morning. So another completed and just waiting for results when I go again to see my specialist next Thursday – my YEARLY appointment.

Holidays – well as you may know I work for a holiday company and this week sees the start of the school holidays, so it has been mad to say the least – everyone leaves things far too late, thinks they can squeeze a family of 10 into a property that sleeps 4, would like a private swimming or a property right next to the beach. If you are one of those people can I say we are on sale for 2017 and properties like these are available……just forward planning needed. (I did find a lady a property 20yds from the beach and she said it was too close!!!)                                                                                                                                                                                             schoolholidays

It’s been warm this week – very humid – I have slept with the window open constantly. Doesn’t help that my cancer drug has made me menopausal anyway so I am like a mini waterfall – or a tap, drip, drip dripping! Sleep is not always there and I have been shattered.

This week running has been put on the back burner because of everything going on and the only exercise I have had is taking the boys out walking. Start my ASICS plan next week and have to stick to it otherwise might not finish any of my longer races.

New computer had to be bought this week when I couldn’t use the keyboard on the old one and then 2 days I’ve had no internet connection – not great when trying to organise things with the Ball. But have managed to get the licence from Craven District Council for selling the Raffle tickets -£40 -now have to get them printed but have been having issues – well it has been that sort of week!

Tickets for the ball are selling well and deposits are coming in (thanks for all that have been received) for those wanting any please Facebook me or email  Having decided that I can’t wear high heels on the night I asked my running mates whether it would be OK to have blinged up trainers and we found someone who did just that – so I will be having converse trainers with CanMollyrun on one shoe and the date of the event on the other plus BLING BLING BLING……

So that’s been my stressful week – but what about the chicken I hear you ask……well Friday after a mega harassing day at work I drove back home over the tops, I am used to seeing animals, pheasants, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and more often they are dead but I am really careful and always slow down when I see any animals…..and I did so when I saw this rogue chicken at the side of the road……I even moved wide to the other side but this was a Kamikaze chicken and it ran out UNDER my car and POP, I SCREAMED ad the feathers flew EVERYWHERE!!! I cried all the way back home – I am a murderer!!!!!

Hopefully next week will be better, I will get back running and back to the gym!



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