Mayhem in Yorkshire and beyond….

Well that’s how it’s felt for the last couple of weeks and running has been put on the back burner – well until this week when it’s back to training (again)

Mum had her 80th birthday and the select family that we are decided to take her to Herriots Hotel in Skipton  (venue of the CanMollyRun Charity Ball) as she loves the food there and we have never been disappointed.

Little did we know when we turned up for the meal that we would end up at Airedale Hospital A&E with Mum being carted off in an ambulance and me following in my ever faithful Citroen C1.

She tries to keep us on our toes but this was extreme and at first we had thought she had a stroke – luckily that wasn’t the case and we were let home (after a check up with a dishy Hungarian doctor and a Yorkshire cuppa – what more could you ask for!)

I was going to cancel my weekend away in Edinburgh to see my friend AJ (2 1/2 years since our last drunken meet up at the Edinburgh Running Festival when neither of us run but both got very drunk) But Mum was insistent that I still go…..would she if she had known…..!!

Nearly missed my train when I left my tickets at home – supermum to the rescue and at 7.15am she brought them to me and I had a minute to spare. Met AJ at the Whisky Rooms but drank wine – as you do and ate Scottish smoked salmon – lush!

Next was another bar but afternoon cocktails – but the lightweight that I am and the fact I was up at 5.30am my eyes kept drooping….and drooping…..then closing and then CLOSED! How could I – I fell asleep in a bar which was full! Luckily AJ had been joined by her Mum and a friend so she wasn’t alone so I tried to make amends by paying the bill and the waiter said laughing “but you paid while you were sleeping!” Red faced I left!


Rest of the weekend was spent relaxing having fun and just catching up. Sunday we went to see the Kelpies Horses in Falkirk – amazing sculptures which are HUGE….if you are ever up there go and see them!


What I love about my friends they introduce me to new things and this weekend it was Rhubard and Ginger Gin – OMG – heaven, tastes like the rhubarb and custard sweets that you had as a kid but with booze involved – needless to say that is one drink I will be buying and SOON!

So now back home and TRAINING – cakeathon is on Bank Holiday Monday and Great North Run is only 5 weeks away so yesterday I went back to the gym. Still having major issues with feet but reckon if I do the cross-trainer and bike then I can hope for some level of fitness – otherwise its a long walk.

The guys at the Yorkshire Marathon have allowed me to do the 10 mile instead of the marathon – too many health issues to get round enjoy it and be still living at the end. I can always do it again next year. Still got some tests and waiting for results of others but can’t put my life on hold until then.

The ball is coming round very quickly and this week I saw the delivery of the raffle tickets – I have a 1000 to sell so if anyone wants any please FB me or drop me a line, great prizes and more coming in all the time.

Thing is I can’t see things getting any less manic….locations just might change……



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