All good things begin with…..CAKE!!

  • Cake Who doesn’t like cake? The world would be a less happy place without it and the much awaited CAKEATHON is this weekend – how excited am I, not only am I going to see my friend Lorraine who I haven’t seen in years but get to run around the Fowmead Nature Reserve and eat cake every lap which is 4.37 miles.

Most of us race for bling and this has the most amazing EVER and a goody bag to match – if I lived nearer I would be doing their races every week.cakeathon_blue

It’s also 3 weeks before Great North Run – getting excited about that – feet still sore but doing cross training at the gym as well as dog walking. Race pack came last week and I am in the PINK so to speak -as are many of my mates so there along with my mate Aileen we are having a party at the back.

Maybe the wrong time to start a 30 day detox but when I was given the opportunity by running coach Jill Eccleston to try some Arbonne products I thought why not – they are Swiss after all! I start each morning with a pill – well when don’t I since I have epilepsy but have added a supplement. Then to start me up for the day its vanilla or chocolate – shake that is with added berries – sometimes a banana wizzed in the Kenwood. Into the mix I can add other things or go virgin. I take a fizz stick to work which I add to water – energy boost I guess.

No sugar, no wheat, no caffeine, no dairy – well until the cakeathon and GNR’s pasta party and so far its working – in 3 days I have lost 4lbs. Have a lovely midnight blue dress to fit into for the ball and I am just about there – well maybe another stone to go!!

Anyone still interested in ball tickets we still have some available £35 each November 19th email or text 07443229215 For those going to the party there will be a little something extra – thankyou to Lucy Lawson at

Raffle tickets also on sale at £1 a piece – fantastic prizes



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