Now whether you fancy yourself as Joey, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe,Chandler or Ross one thing is for friends.jpgsure without Friends life wouldn’t be the same and I wouldn’t be as fulfilled without them. My running friends especially have over the months given me the motivation and determination to keep going and during races when I haven’t been the quickest they have made sure I never stopped!

Bank Holiday Monday I was meeting one of my dearest friends Lorraine – this is the person who has seen me try to be a contortionist (and be healthy at the same time) at a Running and Pilates weekend run by the absolutely fabulous Harriet Angel We have only met once since then at the water station at VLM 2014 when I blubbed like a baby and said I didn’t want to go on!!

This time was going to be better – we were eating CAKE and just taking it easy, catching up on things and that’s what we did. It was a timed race of 6 hours and we were to do as many in that time – eating cake when we wanted.

cakeathon5            cakeathon3               Each lap was  4.37 miles and all I wanted to do was 2 – even then with the Kent heat and no shade at all I wondered if I would ever finish but Lorraine kept me going – plus each and everyone who was running as they were lapping me some going to do full marathons shouted fantastic words of encouragement.

This was my best race so far – I even got second prize for my cake and the medal and goody bag was well worth the 6 hour drive from Yorkshire. So much so that I booked again when I got back for 2017.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne next week is not looking so promising at being so hot – in fact if today is anything is to go by its drizzle and that suits me fine for the Great North Run half marathon – oggi oggi oggi!!

Once again friends will make sure I will get through this and I am meeting up with Aileen and the band of the injured Running Ninja’s (separate from the normal group) I am new addition and a welcomed one at that – having done London without friends after mile 6  its a lonely place when you have the pavement to pound and every part of your body hurts – mine will be my feet.

Next week will come soon enough and I have so much to do – get my name put on my Charity top – how can anyone shout words of encouragement if they don’t know who I am? This week I also have to do an article of 400-450 words to be in the local Aspire magazine which goes to every resident in the area – they also want photos! So that will be my Sunday!

Thank you for everyone that has paid deposits or in full for the Charity Ball in November – if anyone would like tickets we still have some.

Raffle tickets are on sale at £1 per ticket – please get in touch

raffle ticket

Back to the gym this weekend – after I have build a bed with flat pack furniture -might have no hair left at the end of it!   NEW WEBSITE – take a look



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