From York to Ireland…..

My feet haven’t touched the ground since last Sunday when I was travelling down to York at 5.45am to take part in the PlusNet York 10 miler – another to tick of the list. The trip down was a long one and I was tired before I even got there and all the waiting around didn’t help.

Once daylight broke it started to turn out to be a good day – almost too good in the end – I do like a bit of rain to run in – they let the marathon runners go first at 9.30 and we were left waiting in pens until 10.15am. Nerves were kicking but when the gun started I just went with the flow and the legs took over.

I was enjoying going through the city and the crowds were great – having my name on my t-shirt is always a help, motivating the crowds to cheer for me and I kept going longer than any other races of late. Having music helped as well.

But getting into the countryside and fewer people I dropped backed and my hip started hurting and even music couldn’t keep me going and after mile 7 I was more hobbling than running but I wasn’t going to stop.

yorkThe fantastic welcome I got at the end was worth all the hardship as my friend Aileen had come down with her partner Dave and a group of the Running Ninja’s who I met at GNR to whoop me in – the lift was amazing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay to party as I had a long trip back – this time wasn’t as easy with Sunday afternoon traffic – Monday was going to be another hectic day!

In fact the whole week was manic with a work trip to Southern Ireland to see some of our properties and see what Wexford and Waterford had to offer. It was a long trip down to Pembroke to take the Irish ferry over to Rosslare and we were give 5* treatment upgraded to Club class (something to be recommended).

We also got a guided tour of the ship, the bridge – said hello to the captain – a bit of a privilege. All food and drink was included and it was a great relaxing start to the journey – after all every night was a different stop and Tuesday was going to be a corker with us seeing at least 7 properties.

I won’t bore you of  all my working trip other than to say that we met some special people, Irish folk are so friendly and certainly know how to talk – they can give Yorkshire people a run for their money. The coastline is superb Kilmore Quay is now my favourite place to be and Mary Barry’s a fantastic seafood restaurant – with a courtesy bus so no need to drink and drive.

beachThe week ended far too soon but not only did we see Ireland but we came back through Wales – touring all the places I daily sell to customers, what a beautiful place we live in.

Back home and now its all speed ahead with the ball – actually  quite frightening – I think I need a bit more time (which I don’t have) Thankfully I got my dress last week so one less headache – now its the finer things and lists have to be made!

For those who still haven’t made up their mind the cut off date is 30th October as payment needs to be in so I can pay Herriots Hotel – £35pp for what will be a great night out.

That’s all folks……..




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