Headache on top butterflies below…

That’s how its been all week – keep saying I will never organise another Ball again but when I talk to people about dresses and shoes I get those butterflies in my stomach and I truly can’t wait until it arrives.

butterflyToday (Sunday) saw me nip off to York again and this time not for a race but to go collect a raffle prize – there had been some confusion with emails between Betty’s charity advisor as to when I was going so it hadn’t been ready on Monday – and wires might have been crossed when it came to hamper – sorry folks!  But they gave us a fantastic prize a beautiful tin with  fruit cake soaked with Sloe gin.

It also gave me chance to sample the delights of Betty’s – proper Yorkshire/Swiss food that I grew up with and which my Dad loved going to.

Nipped in to get some of my beauty products in Clinique and got another raffle prize in the shape of a Beauty bag, with facial soap, eye and face cream, dual eye shadow, mascara and lippy – love love love Clinique! Treated my Mum to some moisturiser with SPF 20 in it as she was diagnosed on Wednesday with Basal Cell Carcinoma, a skin cancer and since she doesn’t wear make-up hope this will help.

cliniqueMy loved of cake proceeds me as my friends Karen and Darren Smith have donated a cake to be auctioned – its going to be a surprise as they are having it made another friend Heather – but just to get a jist of what she can do this is one she made earlier….and got an

karen-cake award for it! So I think I might be bidding on this one myself – after all it is cake!

Those that know me well (all my running mates) know that I have been a member of the on-line running group Run For Fun for a number of years – I have met some fantastic people through the club and all because of one woman Maureen Virtue. She has also provided me with some wonderful running tops which I get great comments on and because of this Mo as we lovingly call her has donated a t-shirt to the raffle which will be made up to the winner specifications. So below are the slogans just in case…….

1: Run Darling there’s booze at the finish line
2: I run on caffeine and inappropriate thoughts
3: I’m so far behind I think I’m first ( with tortoise image)
4: There had better be cake at the finish line 🍰
5: WTF… Where’s the finish
6: I thought they said rum
7: last one there buys the beers
8: Pain is temporary pride is forever
9: if found on the ground please drag to finish
10: If I collapse please pause my Garmin
11: forget the glass slippers this princess wears running shoes
12: … And she ran happily ever after
13: distance makes the heart grow stronger
14: FIT ( ish) semi-fit; kind of fit ; someone who like the idea of being fit but equally likes food
15: run now wine later
16: I run because I really like cake 🍰
17: forget skinny I’m in training to be be badass
18: Running – Cheaper than therapy
19: I run because somehow I find completely exhausting myself the most relaxing part of my day
20: Believe and achieve
21: My run My speed My way
22: not fast but fabulous
23: I run to burn off the crazy
24: this is a 5 k right?
25: half marathon mum
13.1 miles of peace and quiet
26: this girl loves running
27: Slow runners make fast runners look good – you’re welcome

Earlier in the week Natalie and Dean at NB Hairdressing @ Capelli in Earby gave us some wonderful hair products to raffle. Although I sometimes moan about my hair being curly after losing it from chemo I really appreciate having SOME hair and love quality products like those that Natalie and Dean sell. (they are also good hairdressers)

Other prizes this week were more alcoholic Liz – my wonderful co-helper gave a bottle of champers and I got a litre bottle of scotch from Morrisons Supermarket in Skipton. Last but not least Bonjour in Earby gave us a Rotten Romans Stationery set – great for the kids!

Tomorrow I have a table in our canteen at work selling raffle tickets/ball tickets and auction envelopes – I don’t know what a day off is anymore. I have decided next year I am going to have a rest – then it will be quiet on the blogging front….lol

Raffle tickets £1 each or £5 a book Facebook me or email mollyfox16@hotmail.com for ways to pay

Same with ball tickets only ONE week to buy tickets £35 each






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