It came – it went – they had a Ball!

When they say all roads lead to Rome – well my road lead to Herriot’s Function room 7pm November 19th! This is where all the stressing, pleading for prizes (others got on board too and got some amazing stuff) and trying to make it worth the £35 entry fee.


I had my dress – but as I am not usually a girly girl – most people know I am the happiest in jeans with a tiny scrap of “naturel” make-up made me worry how I would fare against all those glamorous ladies (and to be honest the gentlemen too!). So a bit late in the day I was ringing around trying to get my nails and feet done and also the bits of facial hair that have now re-appeared since chemo ended! Hair was also to be fitted in – agggggg I needed more than 24 hours in a day….

The first was hair removal – first my head and the girls at Rags in Settle took away my unruly curls (which made me look ancient) to replace it with a short and straight funky style. Then I went and was defuzzed – wrong to do it the day before the ball and even Monday my skin is still swollen from the wax – the buzzing I felt on my face wasn’t only due to the

Nails Saturday morning was supposed to take an hour – didn’t bank on my toenails not setting and them having to re-do it – panicking about time as the hour turned into TWO!

Finally got back to the function room where the guys at Herriots had already started setting up the room…..although we were only a small ball of 53 people the room wouldn’t make us feel like small fish in a big pond – brilliant dance floor and space for our raffle prizes and the accessories for the photo “booth”

My running friend Fiona Turton was on hand to do her wonderful floral creations for the tables and also around the room – Herriots also boasted some in the female loos. Husband Charles was on hand to help with EVERYTHING and was a calming influence when I was panicking inside. Karen Smith and husband Darren turned up at the right time to help with the technical stuff – how to make a cardboard frame stronger – something that would be well used later!



Then it was THAT time – to go to the bar and meet people that had arrived who were staying and that I hadn’t seen for ages – some you have to realise because of the nature of things in the running community I have been chatting to on Facebook – or in the case of Karen and Darren Realbuzz) for years without seeing them – but they are friends just as if I had seen them every day.

My roommate Lizzie was coming from France – we met briefly at the London Marathon 2014 and then had contact again last year when her Dad Peter found out he had Bowel Cancer. She has raised thousands for Bowel Cancer UK doing dafter things than me!

I was glad I had a roomie as there was no way I would have been able to zip myself into the dress I had bought – long to hide my legs and a shrug to hide my arms – if all else fails cover up!


To be honest the next few hours went in a blur so I won’t bore you with a step by step of she did this and he did that – I was too stressed out – in fact I had to go to the toilet on a couple of occasions and back up to my room on one. So worried that people wouldn’t like everything and it would be a total flop!

But the Chef pulled out all the stops and the food was delicious whether the tomato and roasted pepper soup to start, supreme of chicken or Mushroom and brie wellington and the luscious lemon and raspberry dessert – and a few bottles of wine to top it off.


Once the teas and coffees and were underway it was time for me to say a little something and the raffle to be drawn. Bad decision to wear contacts – couldn’t see a bloody thing, did a speech ad hoc but missed out the important things of who to thank but at least didn’t do a Gwyneth Paltrow  and blub for ages! Took ages to get through the raffle mainly because both Angelene and I were wearing contacts!

I am rubbish with names and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the singer but she was good – she was also pretty and thin and young (is it wrong that when you get to my age you notice these things!) She was on for 3/4 hour and then Chris (Liz’s partner) became Master in Chief and compare for the Auction – what a brilliant way to raise money!

Poor Steven caught up in the heat of the moment bid for the framed Coronation Street star top and autograph – without ever watching the programme or knowing who it was. He was trying to sell it all night for a fraction of what he paid – plenty of selfies were taken with photo frame.

Biggest hit of the night were all the disguises/ hats / feather boa’s that plus picture/photo frame – my cheap way of having a photo booth. Don’t think there were many people that didn’t partake and it was hilarious. Got people talking to each other.

The music was fantastic too and Paul did us really proud reading the crowd well and I don’t think there was any moment that the dance floor didn’t have someone on it. The party stopped at 12.30 but as residents we stayed up until 2am….a complaint about loud noise made us think it would be better to go to bed.

I was amazed at how much money we raised on the night – around £2700 and with the money from both just giving pages it means that so far (as money is still coming in) Bowel Cancer UK should be receiving £1700 + and Airedale Hospital Oncology Unit £1800 +. (so they can order the chair)

I have two races to finish my CanMollyRun challenge – The Pieathon and Christmas 5km virtual run then that’s it – no more. Next year I have decided no races and no fundraising – need to catch breath and smell the roses.

Just to say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped me on this journey – some people are still wanting to donate (if this is you) the just giving pages are open until the end of the year.








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