The Last Post……

last-postYesterday, Sunday 11th December marked the last of races for the year and also the end of my Charity Fundraising for Bowel Cancer UK and Airedale Hospital UK  – I had been looking forward to this one but on hindsight I could have chosen something easier!

Usually the best races are geared around food or drink and this had all the markings of a great one – PIEATHON – 6km so not the longest race I have done BUT it was a trail race and there was the BOG of DOOM and that meant mud, mud and more mud!

I got into the spirit by dressing as a Christmas pudding – this didn’t help at all when trying to get over styles and when get up or going down the very steep hills of Huddersfield. I was soon at the back as I am usually at all my races – even the guy carrying the 6ft artificial Xmas tree on his shoulders even managed to pass me!

The first pie station was fully pied – with savoury pies but I was waiting for pie station number 2 for the sweet ones – this was to come after the Bog and boy did I need it. Just run they said and you will get across – well I managed half way before going flat on my face, then to the side and my foot got super stuck so I rolled further onto my back!


The muck went everywhere and when I managed to finally to get up an out of the liquid mess all I wanted was a pie! But there was NONE left – all the speedy ones had eaten them, having only eaten shredded wheat for brekkie I was now starving.

But we trundled on – there weren’t very many down hills but a lot of up hills. And finally the end was in sight – no more pies and unfortunately no t-shirts either (I always say you should have something special for coming last) and 3 of us came in together along with the tailrunner who was amazing (he helped us all)

Shoes had to be binned, pudding outfit too and the rest of the clothes were soaked for hours before putting them in the machine. Running or shuffling or just getting across the line is now over and I am having a year off and will just be supporting.

Fundraising has also come to an end and I would like to thank EVERYONE for their support. Bowel Cancer UK has now had £1786.49 and Airedale Hospital Oncology Unit £1891.00. More than I can I ever have expected.

My blog will now be finishing – until I find something else worthy to do. BUT for next year I am going to have a rest, spend time with my family and fur babies and have some holidays plus support everyone else.

Happy Christmas Everyone xxx





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