This time next year…..

Well running has finished for 2016 and I have decided to have a whole year off and focus more on my health and more importantly my weight. Running and weight control never did go hand in hand where I was concerned.

And now it wasn’t helping my diabetes or how I felt about myself – so this is what I am planning, a whole year of healthy eating – I have joined a fitness centre that does classes and has a swimming pool and will be doing them instead of boring myself pumping iron.

So the worst thing is getting weighed and taking the photos – we all need a BEFORE picture – do I put it up there for all to see – I suppose it will spur me on to keep going.

I am raising money for Children with Cancer (and Lucy) and the money I would have paid to go to Slimming World Classes will be donated every week to my charity account and then every 1/2lb I lose or gain I will donate at the end of the month to the fund.

My two mates Anjie and Jayne are running the VLM London Marathon in April in aid of C with C so if they can train for 26.2 miles then I am sure that I can get myself organised with how to eat and force the piggy in me to stop eating cake.

So Christmas is now over with and I am back to work – back to routine and all chocolates eaten (mind you there is Christmas cake left)

First goal is to lose half stone – take it in small steps.

So here goes – first weigh in Tuesday morning 27th December 2016 14 stone 12 1/2 lbs – this will be the last time I will see this number.

I have taken before photos, but at this stage am not willing to bear all – have to find my tape measure as I believe this will be a good indication for the months that I might not lose a lot. So Lucy and for all Children with Cancer this ones for you 🙂

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