Critical first weigh in

None of us have feeling great over the New Year and I was the last one to get the bug but get it I did and do I feel monumentally crap – oh yes I do. Great start to the New Year. Own fault really as I was given the option of having a flu jab and didn’t as so many people I know had a reaction to it and up to them I hadn’t had a sniff of a cold!

So for the last couple of days I haven’t been eating much BUT I did buy a soup maker and do some lovely leek and potato soup which was healthy and warming. Great when you are not feeling well.

So you want to know what I weigh – last week 14 stone 12 1/2 pounds

This weeks 14 stone 7 pounds

A loss of 5 1/2lbs – woop woop a great start even though I am ill.

Had to cancel my Hydro jog on Tuesday as I felt so rubbish but have my induction at 6.30am tomorrow (after a 9pm shift) and then we will see how next week goes.






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