Eating better – exercising more….

BUT….the weight still goes UP!!!

I put my swimsuit on this morning in preparation to going this morning and when I looked in the mirror I wasn’t repulsed by what I saw -my stomach is flatter my arms have got less of the bingo wings about them and legs don’t seems as dimpled.

I wish I had taken my measurements at the start because this might be have been more motivating than looking at the scales but I will continue on and keep on healthy eating.

Yesterday I went and did a big shop to get all I needed for the week and last night I made some fresh some – broccoli and stilton (OK not a diet one but Mum’s favourite and broccoli is a superfood)

I have also ordered a Diabetes Diet cookbook to give me some food ideas and also a diet diary so that I can write down everything I eat and these will be coming on Thursday. So February here I come – January has been a bit of disappointment

So the Charity wins again with another gain (how) this week 14 stone 11 1 1/14lb



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