Lot has happened….

Didn’t post last week – weight stayed the same and stomach was quite bloated and painful, it had been for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t get my jeans to fit around my waist – better to have them low slung and put a jumper over the top. When I was home from work it was leggings of pjs.

Didn’t feel totally great so made an appointment to see the doctor to get her take on things not expecting her to whip me straight into hospital the same day for tests. An X-Ray was done at midnight followed by a CT scan the next day and very little food but to be honest that wasn’t a major thing.

Staff at Airedale Hospital were great and on the second day when the specialist came back and said there was nothing to be seen on the scans – they thought gallbladder or pancreas – but could only suggest diet and for me to look at that.

Seeing as I was eating really healthy this means knocking out for 2 weeks all the food that will aggravate my stomach. This means no pulses, minimal dairy, fruit and certain vegetables – and this is on top of the stuff I can’t eat because I have Diabetes. They said that I have a fatty liver – even though I don’t drink.

I got on the scales this week and I am down to 14 stone 7 1/4lb at first I thought I had lost 3lb but it seems its a 4lb loss – so money for the charity but not because of a gain!

Another note this week – I have got a place in the Great North Run and although I said I wouldn’t do any races this year I have started slow training and have decided that if I don’t feel 100% by September then I will just defer to 2018. So that’s all for now – now nice foodie posts as I am eating bland!

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