What goes down has to go up….?

Well –  I did have a good week last week didn’t I?

The 4lb I lost last week I put on again this week like a bloody yo-yo its all coming bak on again. I did have four days holiday so my diet went a bit to pot – not a little a lot!

The one thing that I found while decorating was my Garmin watch which had been missing since November last year – seems like Mum likes to hide things and it was in a box under the bed, wonder what else I will find when I look more closely?

Didn’t have time to weigh-in on Tuesday so did in today (Thursday) instead and and it was a shocking 14st 11lb – so will have to pay £8 to the Children with Cancer UK fund + £5 that is the normal weekly fund. Slowly but surely the money is coming together.

I also made some buns to sell at work – chocolate ones and lemon drizzle – I sold all but 3 and made £12 selling then at 50p each. Something extra to put into the fund.

The worst news so far is that I can’t go to volunteer at the London Marathon as Mum is going to Italy on the same weekend and I have to stay and look after my brother and my dogs. There is always next year.


Next week I will start running again and going to the gym but need to get this week over – decorating still not finished!



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