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personal trainer Last Sunday I decided to take a hold of things – my weight was going up – while I hadn’t posted the week before my weight had gone back up to 14 stone 12 1/2 and I was nearly back at my starting weight – yo-yo dieting is what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t feel great and had no focus. I was putting money into the slimming fund but it was because I was gaining not losing – not good.

So I signed up with Weight Watchers on-line and put in my numbers – they gave me 30 daily points with 40 weekly for extra food and I was to track everything and I did – nothing that passed my lips didn’t get logged.

I also started my first PT session with Mark at the gym – OMG I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards, squats, lunges free weights – where do I begin? An hour of that on Monday set me up for the week and then daily dog walks kept the legs going…

Wednesday after work I went swimming and did 30 minutes breaststroke – not a great fan of the pool especially when I get blokes splashing me with front crawl. But it helps me with my arm and hopefully a flatter stomach will be at the end of it.

Friday I went out for my first run in a long time but this time with my brother – he has been running since last year (I bought him the trainers) since he got diagnosed with diabetes. He does 3 runs a week – 2 short one slightly longer and has impressed us all by losing 2 stone so far.

At 6ft 4 with longer legs and a lot fitter than me it wasn’t easy but I managed it – although I didn’t run all the way and we are back running again Monday. All in all a good week.

So result of first weigh in dates have now changed from Tuesday to Sunday 14.12 1/2 NOW 14 stone 8 1/2 LOSS 4lbs

CHILDREN WITH CANCER charity fund for Jayne and Anjie Virgin London Marathon has got £91.52 in the coffers. If you want to donate to their great charity and for children like Lucy check out the link








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