Time for new beginnings

Haven’t posted since March and we are one day off from August!

I would like to say a lot has happened since then but it depends on which way you are looking at things. In regards to running – its been very much stop and start. I got into the Great North Run and had planned that as my one and only race this year.

Also decided that I needed to get some serious training in and to start early – but planning wasn’t a good idea and I ended up with a swollen and painful foot and after 5 weeks of backwards and forwards to the doctors they decided it was a stress fracture and rest was in order. Too late for training so a deferred place for GNR until 2018.

Just as it was getting better I had a fall while on holiday with the doctors and injured the same foot and this they say I have a fracture with no need for a cast but once again rest. Easy for them to say when you have 2 dogs to walk!

Hope to get back to it by October as I have to start training for Virgin London Marathon – I have be chosen to run for Children with Cancer UK along with three friends, Lizzie from France, Jayne from Wales and Anjie from England. We are part of Team Lucy and hoping to raise £10’000 between us!im-running-the-londonmarathon-for-children-with-cancer-ukThe blog will chart the highs and lows of running (there will be many if any of you know me and running) and the fundraising as well as dieting. I started back at Slimming World going to and actual class after being my heaviest ever having doing limited exercise due to foot (well that’s my excuse). So far weight loss 8lbs (ok it was 9 then I gained a 1lb!)

Fundraising – things planned :-

Car Boot Sale – 13th August Clitheroe (grateful to all of my friends who have donated stuff) This morning have booked my pitch – inside just in case it pees it down!!

All You Need Is Love Charity Event – 10th February – held at Herriots Hotel  Skipton. Friends, Singles, Couples actually everyone that wants a good time, good food for £35 there will be a 3 course meal with wine and disco – an alternative raffle (which starts at the event) but unlike last year NO auction – maybe some silly games with prizes. Click the link to see the menu.

Valentine Ball revised 

Alternative Raffle – starts February 10th Ends April 22nd – Prize £300 – guess my finish time tickets £5 each (only have to buy 1 – don’t mind if you buy more)

Have other things planned but for now these are my 3 major things, enough to keep me going while I am healing and can get back training! Unfortunately you will be hearing more from me – will try and keep the blogs interesting (if that’s possible) and short (ish)

Trying to keep myself motivated as much a anything else…….

toilet paper




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