Let the craziness begin……

crazy Holiday’s and injuries have got in the way since I found out that I have a place in next years London Marathon but today finally I have started on the madness that is training.

My foot is still not 100% but is not looking like an elephants anymore so after a very busy morning helping doing family things I not only took the dogs out for a walk but managed to go to the gym for some cross-training!

It’s been that long I couldn’t remember how to work some of the machines but the bike, elliptical and treadmill were all pretty standard – throw in some upper body weights and stomach exercises and I felt virtuous.

Slimming World started back in earnest after 2 weeks off – a 2 1/2lb gain which is not bad after what I ate in Northumberland, I expected more and I can only think that the walks on the stunning beaches helped damage limitation!DSCN0317.JPGPleased how fundraising got off to a profitable start too with my first ever car boot sale – needed loads of coffee to keep my eyes open as having one the day after travelling down after Amble wasn’t a wise move.

I was lucky to have a partner in crime Liesl from work who got  the most from our bargains. We made an amazing £176.60 – another one will be in the pipeline as we had so much fun!

Planning and promoting the ball is now in full swing – I have decided what the table decorations are going to be – something fun and edible – and party favours as well.  For all the details of the ball click  here : Molly poster Deposits of £10 only needed.

So this is life as we know it for the next 8 months…….




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