Where does time go?

When did the summer end? Its already September, did I fall asleep and it just happen?


Or was it because I have been so busy that things have just passed me by?

Last weekend saw the annual trip down to Kent for the Bank Holiday Cakeathon – what could be better than cake, friends and a little jaunt in very hilly (and warm) Kent. Being the organised person that I am I had booked a room at the Golden Lion in Rochester – above Weatherspoons (I could smell that cooked breakfast from afar) but on finding that it didn’t have parking and the parking in Rochester on BH weekend could be iffy I decided to swap hotels.

Further away but with the added bonus of a swimming pool and gym I headed off for the 5 hour drive to the Holiday Inn in Chatham. Great place and unfortunately for me I got carried away with the food, gin and room service! But I did have a swim to try and counteract it – didn’t help!

Neither did the 2 laps 4.4 miles per lap of the hilliest race I have ever done – but it was the most beautiful and I got to have a fantastic catch up with my Lorraine. Since we were both injured it gave us the excuse to walk – talk and second lap the lovely Sean joined us and that meant I could sit down more for those selfies and to rest my ever so sore foot!

I love this race as you can do as many laps as you want to get your medal – as long as you do one – within 8 hours.  The goody bag full of chocolate, crisps and beer is ace and the medal is MASSIVE!  Thank goodness they are coming to Yorkshire – although I do like a road trip!

Came back to jump back on the Slimming World wagon to find out that I had put on 2.5lb – not surprised especially after the gin and tonic cake! Only had 4 days to my normal Monday class s wasn’t expecting too much of a loss although I had been good but AMAZED at 3lb.

Fundraising is going well – Morrisons in Skipton have been in contact about jangling a bucket in store next Monday and Sarah at Slimming World have put some posters up in branch and on Facebook and I have had good reaction to those for the Valentines Charity Event.

Anyone wanting tickets please email mollyfox16@hotmail.com. Click on link below for all details of ball.

Molly poster

Next trip Loch Ness to see my mate Aileen run her first marathon and Dave her partner and I are running a 5k for soup and a roll (oh and bling and t-shirt)



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